Update 7.6.1 | SkyBlock Mystic + OPSkyBlock Destiny Summer Reset (June 2021)

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    7.6.1 | SkyBlock Mystic + OPSkyBlock Destiny Summer Reset (June 2021)

    SkyBlock Mystic and OPSkyBlock Destiny have been reset for the Summer!


    Reset Highlights
    • Competitive leaderboards and payouts discontinued
    • Casual/fun game play
    • New events
    • Weekly cash giveaways for ALL players
    • Collections/Milestones
    • New Quests
    • Spawner Crates
    • Bug fixes and general changes
    No longer competitive
    MineHeroes has been blacklisted since 2018 and with the new 1.17 update, the server eventually got blocked. There's no real reason as to why MineHeroes is still blocked but there's assumptions that Mojang does not support servers that offer payouts and encourage competition.

    This means we have removed various leaderboards and payouts for /is top, /mc top, /lf top etc. Instead we will be allocating the leaderboard payout prizes to hosting weekly events and giveaways!

    Casual/Fun Game Play
    With the anti-competitive changes, we will be focusing on making the MineHeroes servers fun and casual again as it once was. This means new features that prolong game play, new mid game and late game features and less emphasis on leaderboards.

    New Events
    We are always trying to add new events and now that competitiveness is not the main focus, we will be hosting weekend events and tournaments to win real life cash prizes (instead of payouts) such as parkour, mega LMS and new automated events!

    Keep an eye on our discord to weekly events and updates!

    Weekly cash giveaways
    The real life money allocated for leaderboards payouts will now be spent on giveaways and event prizes. This is actually better in the long run because EVERYONE will be able to participate fairly and win prizes!

    One of main highlights of the SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock reset is the introduction of Collections and Milestones! This is a new collection logging system that allows you to not only track certain actions and view your ranking but also earn rewards and unlockables along the way!

    Open the collections menu with /collections

    • [​IMG]
    There are SOLO collections and TEAM collections. Each collection item is hidden by default and you will discover them as you play the game. The team collections is based on your Island and it combines all the members collection progress! Your ranking is also displayed for you to see how you rank across the server (no leaderboard though)
    • [​IMG]
    Once you discover a new collection item, you can view the milestones and rewards they have to offer. For example, mining 100 iron ore will give you $10,000! Milestones are hidden to encourage players to share the news with friends. For example, one of the milestones will unlock access to the Dark Zone and only those that discover the milestone will have access to it.
    • [​IMG]
    Collections will continously be tweaked and balanced because it will be used to restrict certain features that are too overpowered at the start of the map and a way for us to add new features through out the map that you have to grind for!

    Examples of unlockables/rewards through the new Collections/Milestone system:

    • New perks
    • Spawner Crate Keys
    • DarkZone Access
    • New Exclusive Titles and Cosmetics
    • Boss Battles
    • Custom Items and Recipies
    • New Minions
    • Tokens
    • And more!
    New Quests
    A new interactive quest system has been added to teach new players how to play. Everytime you complete a quest you will receive a reward and information which teaches you about the server and the reward is linked to the next challenge!
    • [​IMG]
    There are lots of quests to complete! How many can you complete? Use /quests to try them out!
    We will be adding new quests reguraly.

    Spawner Crate
    A new Crate has been added to unlock just spawners! You'll find a variety of spawners from useless to very valuable ones. You can purchase Spawner Crate keys directly from the store or grind through the new Collections System and unlock them as milestone rewards!

    We will be adding more ways to obtain Spawner Crates once they are balanced and optimized. They will also be updated with better spawners as the map progresses.

    Economy Changes
    • Mobs will now drop cash every kill and increase based on the level
      • Level 1 = $50,000 per kill
      • Level 2 = $100,000 per kill
      • Level 3 = $150,000 per kill
      • Level 4 = $200,000 per kill
    • There is also a 10% chance for Training Zone Mobs to drop MobCoin Pouches
    • Sponges from /warp training now sell for $20,000 each
    General Changes
    • Removed hopper limit
    • Fixed Seeder and Harvester custom enchants not working on carrots /ce
    • Castle rewards now only apply to island team members and not cooped/trusted members
    • Quests added - /quests
    • /faq added for new players
    • Added more rewards for Lava Fishing - /warp fishing
    • Added random rewards for Cane Farming with Sell Hoe
    • Added 1000 use Sell Wands in /shop (Misc + VIP section)
    • Fixed disconnect issue on 1.7 clients when using some GUIs
    • Sell Tool / Gold Hoe can longer be salvaged
    • Fixed block glitching / getting stuck on blocks on all servers
    • Fixed Magnet/Silktouch picks not working on redstone ores
    • Fixed bug Islands showing red border when teleporting into it
    • Fixed splash potions triggering combat tag on Islands
    • Fixed KOTH not starting (/koth schedule)
    • Pigman Spawners no longer drop Gold Swords
    • Reduced Auto Bottle Chest price in /shop
    • Added EXP Bottles and Redstone as Villager Loot /shop & /drops
    • Added /warp mobcoin for new players to learn about MobCoins and use the Mobcoin Spin
    • Fixed some incorrect quests and added 10 New Quests - /quests
    • KOTH Capture times reduced to 3 minutes (previously 5)
    • Replaced map captcha with something more fun
    • Fixed voting for bedrock players
    • Added 1.17 JAVA and Bedrock Client Support! IP: play.mineheroes.org
    50% Summer Store Sale
    Enjoy the Summer SkyBlock Mystic and OPSkyBlock Destiny reset with a 50% sale - store.mineheroes.org. There are new items, kits and bundles available!
    Last Season Change Log
    Check out last maps reset change log here:
    Full SkyBlock/OPSkyBlock Guide/Wiki: https://www.mineheroes.net/wiki/skyblock/
    Please report bugs and issues here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Post suggestions/feedback here: www.mineheroes.net/suggestions
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