How to play

Server Address:

Play SkyBlock, Factions, Survival and many more unique Minecraft minigames on the MineHeroes Server Network for free!

 1. Open up Minecraft and click the button labelled"Multiplayer"

We support all Minecraft Client versions all the way back from 1.7 up until the latest.

However we currently recommend playing on 1.8.9 for the best experience.

2. Click on the "Add Server" button and enter the MineHeroes server details

Server Name: MineHeroes

Server Address:

Then click the "Done" button

3. Enjoy! Join thousands of players daily and play fun Minecraft Games!

Double click the MineHeroes server or click the "Join Server" button

Right-Click the compass item to open up the game menu and select a game to play!


For in depth guides and tutorials on all of our gamemodes, head over to our wiki!

Feb 20, 2021
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