Hello Heroes!

If you haven't found out already, Survival has been reset! A bunch of new content has been implemented onto the server, and we've heard your guys suggestions and have made the server to keep most of you happy.
This does mean that the previous world has been wiped, and everyone is given a fresh chance to dominate the world! Below is the list of stuff that should be kept upon reset.

  • All Kits & Ranks.
  • All purchased perks (Fly, night vision, etc).
  • All token shop purchased perks and cosmetics (Titles, particles, etc).
  • Tokens & Gems
Of course, we can't just reset a server and not add anything new, so I'll jump right into the content we've added this map.

Check out the new spawns! Thank you @TeamFractal for building these incredible structures. We have two survival spawns and a new /warp xp, /warp mob and /warp pvp to show off.

Warp XP
Warp Mob
Warp PvP

Custom Enchants
After some consideration, it seems as though most of you want custom enchants that don't affect pvp. So we have put together 10 new custom enchantments that shouldn't effect pvp.

Even though Fertilizer isn't a new enchantment, it was rather useless before. Fertilizer's chance of activating has increased by a bunch, but also now works in a radius!
Level I activates a 1x1 area (1 block)
Level II activates a 3x3 area (9 blocks)
and Level III activates a 5x5 area (25 blocks)
Here's a video to demonstrate what I mean:[​IMG]...
Hey MineHeroes,

Minigames for MineHeroes has been a hot topic over the past few months. To cater for this expansion we’ve decided to introduce a new HUB to the network specifically for current and future Minigames. As you can see @TeamFractal have done an exceptional job with the new lobby and @AJHandler with the development!


Test your agility on the new parkour system and beat your friends times. This should be coming to the main lobby soon, with prizes for the top speeds! From now on, all current and future minigames will be accessible only through the new minigame lobby.

Party System

Furthermore, with the introduction of the new lobby the new party system is here! Simply use the new party system (clock on new lobby) to ensure you join the same game as your friends.

Interact with the different options in the party settings to start a party, invite friends, kick and disband. When you're in a party, all members will be taken to the game the party leader selects automatically!

Cosmetics & Chests

Cosmetics all across the network have received a huge overhaul, and we now offer Pets (32 variations), Particles (21 variations) and Titles (47 variations).


All of the new cosmetics are unlocked using the new /chests. Earn chests by winning minigames (given randomly based on your Hero Level), buying them on the server store or by purchasing them for 2500 Gems.

The new chests are tiered from 1 star up to 3 stars. The higher star value your chest is, the better the reward you’ll get from unlocking it! You can view the star value for each...
Hey Heroes!

Just a quick note that survival will be resetting this weekend on Friday at 7PM EST (27/10/2017)

Everything will be wiped, excluding the following:
  • Global currencies (such as Tokens and Gems)
  • Ranks
  • Kits, Perks and Cosmetics (so if you have purchased fly this map, you will keep it the next map)
A full update post will be made on the day of the reset, detailing the new content we have for you guys.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask below. You can also give your opinions on stuff that can be changed this map (however, take note that we have looked into your previous suggestions and may have already implemented it for this current map).

Extra notes & FAQ
  • Items inside your enderchest or playervault will also be wiped.
  • The server will remain 1.8.9
  • The main world is vanilla.
  • Factions will disband after a certain period of inactivity next map.
  • This is the 'big' reset for survival this year (so it can be considered survival mhv4 if you will).

Spooky Hub & Pumpkin Hunt

Ghosts, bats and creepy crawlers have swarmed the hubs turning it into a dark and scary place! All NPCs have turned into witches! Explore the new hub and search for pumpkin heads to claim tokens and gems! Find all 10 pumpkin heads around the hub and you'll unlock an EPIC bundle of prizes! Ends November 1st.



Halloween GKit now available

The Halloween GKit is now available for purchase for the next 2 weeks only. This GKit contains items that can be unlocked on any server but with a global cooldown. The current cooldown for the halloween GKit is 6 weeks. Unlock the new GKit here: store.mineheroes.net


As an added bonus, anyone who buys a Halloween Gkit this year will receive a Halloween2017 tag to showcase their achievement.

Build Contest
We're hosting a Halloween themed Build Contest on the creative server from the 14th of October (TOMORROW) until November 1st


  • Build anything related to the theme
  • You may work in teams
  • Do not copy other player builds
How to join?
  • Login to mineheroes.net server, then go to /server creative
  • Then type /contest to view all contest information
  • Then join the contest to receive a plot to build on - /contest enter
  • Build, build, build until the deadline. You may work with friends or on your own
  • Return to your contest plot anytime with /contest home
  • 1st Place: $100 buycraft voucher + BuildContestWinner Tag
  • 2nd Place:...
Hey gang,

The time has come again to open staff applications.



  • Be respectful to other applicants.
  • Give helpful feedback on others applications.
  • Don’t lie on your application.
  • Ask people to proofread your application.
  • Be unique!

Application trolling:

  • This is strictly forbidden as it wastes our time and yours.
  • Creating a troll application will result in a forums punishment.

Thanks to all who apply, hope to see some of you on the team!

Good luck!
This is just a post to recap on last night's Factions/OPFactions reset and the changes we have made since then.

Factions/OPFactions Post Reset Changelog
  • Cobble GenBuckets are now FREE
  • Added an option to turn off GenBuckets in the /gb menu
  • Magnet enchant now supports netherwarts
  • Sell Wands prices reduced
  • Golden Sell Hoe works as intended now
  • Fixed server crashes on Factions Apollo (FAC2)
  • Disabled creeper explosions completely until OCT 13.
  • New Reset Booster Bundle now available this weekend only in store
  • You can now buy Villager Spawners from the /shop
  • Red and Brown Mushrooms can now be sold to the /shop
  • Re-enabled /kit build on Factions & Factions2
Drop Party!
In light of the reset, we will be hosting drop parties on all the 3 Faction Servers in /spawn @ 1PM EST - Countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#drop-party


All you have to do is be online and come to spawn (every one will be invisible to reduce lag) and then collect the goodies that rain from the sky!

Upgrade-able Mob Spawners
A while ago you may have noticed that 3 mob spawner types (PIG, SPIDER and MAGMACUBE) were suddenly upgrade-able to provide custom mob drops. This was the first wave of our custom mob spawner feature, and now we've provided 3 more upgrade-able spawners for you to take advantage of!...
We have just released a patch update for Nexus, along with a couple global changes. Nexus credits are reset and classes now have prices.

▶ Potion Shop


  • Buy a diverse amount of potion utilities during Phase 4: Brewing Stand, Gunpower, Speed II, Health II, Poison II, Regeneration II, Instant Damage II, Strength and Fire Resistance
▶ Change Log

Bug Fixes
  • Invalid currency check for purchasing team upgrades
  • Lore change for purchasing a defender
  • Patch up Boss Bar disappearing periodically
  • Keep Defender GUI upgrades open
  • Correct explosive blow damage radius and targets
  • Show correct rank multiplier message
  • Class selectors and team selectors are left and right clickable
  • Fix incorrect defender upgrade costs
  • Fix pig drops to pork
  • Disable block placement near transport portals
  • Defenders will despawn when a team dies
  • Clarify double ores title message
  • Fix class description typos
  • Send EXP straight to player from mining
  • Increased gem rewards. 150 for 1st, 100 for 2nd, 75 for 3rd and 40 for 4th. 10 gems for participation
  • Soulbound a new nexus locator compass
  • Lower player count to 28 players
  • Defender’s health is now at 100
  • 16 Arrows will now cost 2 Gold
  • Replaced Mining Fatigue with Blindness 1 when crossing borders during Phase 1
▶ Misc
  • A new efficient boss bar has been enabled on every server supporting all versions
  • Hubs now have the same Gem Crate unlock feature as Nexus.

We hope these patches will make your game play experience much better!

MineHeroes Team
Upcoming Factions and OPFactions Reset
We will be resetting Factions and OPFactions this Friday (06-OCT-2017) at 4PM EST.
(Count down timer: http://itsalmo.st/#fac&opfac-reset)

As per usual, resets consist of data and progress wipes such as faction data, player balance, mcmmo data, claims, items, inventories and so forth. Paid perks such as kits, ranks will remain.

Our focus for this reset was to touch up and perfect existing features and build on them. We ran polls in game for any game changing suggestions such as gapple cool-downs, shorter tnt grace periods and learnt that the majority of our players like the servers as they are and don't want to see such big changes made.

Thanks for the feedback, we have made some exciting last minute developments just in time for the reset!
  • FTOP Prizes:
    • 1st Month:
      • Dragon Egg to the Top Faction (1st Place) (This gives you a 5% sell boost)
    • End of Map:
      • 1st Place: $300 Buycraft Voucher to the Faction Leader + [TopFaction] Tag to each faction member.
      • 2nd Place: $250 Buycraft Voucher to the Faction Leader
      • 3rd Place: $200 Buycraft Voucher to the Faction Leader
      • 4th Place: $150 Buycraft Voucher to the Faction Leader
      • 5th Place: $100 Buycraft Voucher to the Faction Leader
  • Printer will be enabled on Factions Mars an OPFactions! (So all our faction servers will now support the schematic printer feature)
  • Economy Changes:
    • Sugarcane SELL value buffed slightly
    • Cactus SELL value reduced slightly
    • Added cobblestone, stone,...
Hey gang,

We'll be having a Mineheroes Karaoke tomorrow night. At 6:00 PM PST!

For those of you who have trouble converting time to your own timezone, use this link.


There will be a 5,000 token participation prize, so come on out and join in the fun :)!

We'll listen to some great singers, and then some not so great, but it'll be a spectacular time all the same ;) :p.

Karaoke is over, thanks to all who participated :)!
Nexus has been completely revamped and is back and better than ever, developed by @AJHandler. Since Nexus was released, there has been an overwhelming response for continuous updates and improvements.

Instead of two teams, Nexus now pits four teams against each other. Each team now has their own quarter of the map where they can gather resources and build defenses. Destroy other team’s nexuses and knock them out while defending your own. Work together and play as many unique classes to achieve your objective. Destroy or be destroyed!


Nexus is split into 5 phases which adjust gameplay. On our old version of Nexus, this was previously 4 however we felt adding another phase could be a great way to stop games lasting a lifetime. The phases are split as follows:

Phase 1: Nexus blocks are invincible. Crossing to enemy sides of the map imposes negative consequences.
Phase 2: Nexus blocks lose their invincibility. You can now cross freely to enemy sectors of the map without being nerfed.
Phase 3: Diamond ores can now be mined at the middle of the map. The potion category of the shop is now available.
Phase 4: Nexuses will now receive double damage every hit. Blaze powder is added to potion shop.
Phase 5: Any Nexuses alive will have 1HP removed every 10 seconds until they are 1HP. A player is required to knock out a team by getting the final hit.

The game will stop at phase 5 and stay there until the game is over.


We’ve reworked all of the classes - including dropping a few and introducing new ones. Furthermore, we are introducing a new currency which will expand across future minigames, Credits. This currency will be local to every new minigame, meaning you’ll have different credit amounts on different games. Changes to each class are specified below:

Civilian (Free): This is our default class,...