Sep 26, 2018
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    Map Number: Map 2 (March 19th, 2017- PRESENT)
    Minecraft Version: Supports versions 1.7 - 1.12
    PvP Rules:
    #1: Hacked clients, illegal modifications & macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions to this rule.
    #2: Hackusating (calling out hacks in either public or private chat) is disallowed.
    #3: Abuse of bugs and / or glitches is disallowed. (Example: Pearling into the border or into solid, enclosed objects on purpose to avoid being killed / waste time)

    Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behaviour related Rules can be found here https://www.mineheroes.net/wiki/server-rules/these Rules apply to all Servers.

    • Server revamped after many requests from players.
    • Play in casual or competitive dueling and Free For all game modes.
    • Duel other players in over 11 unique maps built by Team Fractal.
    Frostbite [1v1]

    Cursed [1v1]

    Medieval [1v1]

    Ruins [1v1]

    Ghain [1v1]

    Garden [1v1]

    Clock Work [1v1]

    Sunny Dale [1v1]

    Abyss [1v1]

    Lunar [1v1]


    Pertama [1v1]

    Vanilla [FFA]

    Soup [FFA]
    • You can duel any player with /duel or simply sneaking and right clicking the desired player. You can choose whichever game type you desire!
    • New Dueling Request system. You can Accept or Deny Duels by clicking the 'Accept : Deny' Signal that appears in chat. Instead of using commands. They look like this in-game:[​IMG]
    • With 12 different dueling Kits that you can choose to fight on, gives a fun and new experience every time.
    • Vanilla, Archer, NoDebuffs, Debuffs, Gapple, Soup, SoupAxe, Factions, Axe, UHC, SkyWars.
    • You can now Spectate live matches with /spectate or by right-clicking the Paper in your Hotbar.[​IMG]
    • New Ranking System with ELO. When Queuing for Duels you will be matched with players of the Near/Same ELO as you. (Skill Level)
    • You can now customise your in-game kits to your own desire! Change how your Inventory and hot-bar items are organised.
    • Supports all versions from 1.7 - 1.12!
    • New 'Free for All' arenas, Enter with /ffa or walk through the portal located at spawn.
    • Leaderboards for all Gamemode types! Go to Statistics > Ranked > Whichever Game mode.
    • 10 Second Enderpeal cool-down in fights. So fights can be won more easily.
    • If you're not the competitive type, then you can play Unranked Casual duels in all Game types.

    • All players have access to play on the 11 new Amazing maps.
    • Bow damage indicator. Looks like this: [​IMG]
    • This applies to all mini-game Servers. (You can disable it with /toggles).
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